Lexa (lexabear) wrote in terris,

Drogun Action Figure!

Guise says 'Heeeeey'
"What?" asks Lorglath.
Guise says 'Lyp got the Drogun figure'
Lorglath rubs his chin as in deep thought.
Lorglath asks 'Drogun has a figure?'
Lorglath gives a quick grin.
Rallos [113] Shouts Greets Realm

You give a smug grin.

Lypquinsi moves her Drogun Action Figure to her right hand
Suddenly Lorglath points a finger in the air as an idea forms.
Guise asks 'Is that Dress Me Up Drogun or Mega Swirling Death Droguen with utility belt and grippy hand?'
Lorglath rolls about on the floor laughing!
>l git

Item: Drogun Action Figure (Git)
Wow! You've got a Drogun Action Figure with KUNG FU GRIP!
When you get close it SCREAMS and STABS YOU!!!
This item is a Treasure
This item lasts only one gaming session and will be destroyed when you quit
Offense modifier NONE Defense Modifier NONE
Fire Resist Mod NONE Cold Resist Mod NONE
Electric Res Mod NONE Poison Res Mod NONE
Entangle Res Mod NONE
Armor Class Modifier NONE
Lorglath Group Tells you 'please tell me that's a temp item'
>'it's the Drogun Action Figure with a KUNG FU GRIP!

Lypquinsi exclaims 'It's the Drogun Action Figure with a KUNG FU GRIP!'
>>gtell yes

1 group member told...
>>gtell axx's

1 group member told...
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