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Joined here at LJ via: non-terris related means..was bored tonight and did a search for terris..and lo-and-behold there is a community here, and seems to have been for awhile now..I left Terris about a month main character was Crucifix, a rogue..I have played for too many years..way back when it was free..many things led up to me leaving..the main reason you can see on the HH boards under my HH..Don't know if anyone here remembers me..I wasn't a kiss ass or a loud mouth so I wasn't as popular as some, but I had a fun time rping a rogue..I am in process of making a farse terris site, mainly some cartoons and drawings of the game as i envision it, like some of the cities and main monsters..IE gatekeeper, Doomagans, etc..but the majority of the site will be humorous and make fun of people, and contributions would be greatly appreciated..just note wether or not you want to be an anonomous contributor or not.. well Im headed out..Im tired and on the verge of drunk..later..
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