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I'm not often around LiveJournal, so, I don't really know the proper etiquette for this sort of thing...
Hopefully it's alright for me to post this though...

Alexiara passed away on October 4th, 2004.
Apparently due to complications during a Gall Bladder surgery.

I always feel like I'm very late finding things out. Mainly due to my own fault of not staying in contact with people I wish I had remained in contact with.
So, I don't know if anyone else already found out about this long before now, and, if so, I apologize.

Just, I mean, things like this, it's like, how would one find out?
It's a troubling thought to think of all the people one talks to on occasion who, if something were to happen, would it (as it did me in this case) take over a year to find out, or if one would even find out at all.

After all, looking through the posts in this community, there was this entry here that I had made when I first discovered there was a Terris Livejournal community.
There, I was talking with her around a month before she passed away. Yet, here I am, over a year later, now just finding out about this.

In Terris, I was her father. In real life, aside from a few emails or something, and a couple of entries here, I hardly knew her outside of Terris.
Yet, the connections one forms with people one's never even met can be quite strong.

I often have regrets about not staying in contact with people I wish I had. I've always been registered for Terris, even though during long stretches I've hardly played it at all ("money down the drain" one might say, but, I could never bring myself to leave the place). I have this journal here, but I hardly ever update it. I'm basically never online for any instant messaging programs. I still have the same email address I've had since Terris was still on AOL, but, I haven't really stayed in contact with anyone through email either.
Again, it's my own fault. If I want to stay in contact with people, I need to put forth an effort. I can't just expect these things to happen, that I'll be able to find anyone I want whenever I start to wish I could talk to them. Often it's as simple as them having changed email addresses and me not have kept up with it.

Obviously I can't go back through the past and change what I've been doing the past 7 or 8 years, and tell myself that I need to make a better effort to stay in contact with people.
Life progresses, one chooses paths, and occasionally one drifts away from things.

Even though I'm not finding out about this until over a year later...
I don't know, I really can't think of a good way to finish off this entry.

-TW, TerrisWizard, Eric
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